4th Grade Science Fair Project AnswerPack Kits Elementary School

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas Kits

Fourth Grade School Science Projects are Suggested for Beginning Student Scientists

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas and Kits are fast, simple and safe. The QuickCheck water test kits produce produce real data for students to learn how to analyze graph and report.

Perfect experiments for a first time science fair project. Fourth grade students love learning about water. Testing only takes a few minutes per sample.

500 Drinking Water Basic Tests kits - Compare drinking water from various sources and water treatments.

Drinking Water Basic Tests BUY
524 Compare Drinking Water and Bottled Water - Compare different brands of bottled water and drinking water from the faucet.

Compare Drinking and Bottle Water BUY

538 Environmental and Outdoor Water Source - Outdoor water source such as lakes, creeks, ponds, rivers etc are tested for basic chemical parameters.

Environmental and Outdoor Water BUY
550 Aquatic and Algae Growth Nutrients in Water - Nitrogen and phosphorus influence aquatic growth and algae blooms.

Aquatic Algae Growth Nutrients in Water BUY
562 Salt – Brackish – Estuary Water - Salt levels and concentration in ocean water, estuaries, bays and salt water intrusion studies.

Salt Brackish Estuary Water BUY

580 Copper and Acidic Water - Test corrosion of copper metal (pipes, wire, penny etc.) by acidic water.

Copper and Acidic Water BUY
588 Fertilizer Pollution of Water - Fertilizer pollution runoff from irrigation water and storm water.

Fertilizer Pollution of Water BUY

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas Kits for Elementary School

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Our concept for Science Fair Center is to help the student discover that science is amazing.

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Elementary and Middle School Kids
Here are some Basic Points and Information for you to consider in doing your Science Fair Project.

Parent Science Fair Help
Suggestions for the Non-Scientist Parents of Elementary and Middle School students doing Science Fair Projects.
I have always favored teaching science by showing how amazing it all is. I think a student doing a science fair project should get a chance to find excitement of discovery, challenge of figuring things out, and pride of accomplishment.
Kids respond to the amazing side of science without much help, it’s getting the science fair project finished on time that is difficult. More…